Concert: Colin + Ché – Pop

Colin + Ché

Dienstag/Tuesday 11. August 2015
Einlass/admission: 20:30 Uhr / 8:30 pm
Beginn / start: 21:00 Uhr / 9:00 pm
Tickets: 8,50 €

Colin came from Manchester / England and Ché from São Paulo / Brazil to Berlin / Germany in march of 2014 to produce their first album called “Coffee and Road”.
Colin Crichton met Ché Costa for the first time whilst touring in Portugal in 2006. Since then, they have built a strong friendship and have started writing and performing music together.
In 2008, Colin visited Ché in his hometown of Bara Bonita in Brazil. There, they worked on their first 4 track demo.
When Colin got back to Manchester/UK, they carried on working together online, but they soon realized the difficulty to carry on the work with such a great distance separating them.
Five years later, Colin decided to move to Berlin to further his artistic career and asked Ché if he would join him there to carry on working seriously on their unique original project.
Both realized how special their collaboration workflow felt and in March 2014, Ché travelled to Berlin as well to work on their first album.
Now they have finished arranging and composing 20 new original songs and they are performing regularly together a mix of original material and modern arrangements of popular covers.
Colin & Ché have just come home from their first tour in Brazil and they are currently Mixing their first album, which is to be released this summer 2015.

A European Tour is scheduled for October 2015.

Tickets direkt bei: ART Stalker – Kunst+Bar+Events – Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 67 – 10627 Berlin
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oder online:–berlin/art-stalker/

ART Stalker – Kunst+Bar+Events – Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 67 – 10627 Berlin
+49(0)30 – 22052960 – –

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