Noah’s Tape – Indie Electro – Concert

Noah’s Tape
Indie Electro

Dienstag/Tuesday 04. August 2015
Einlass/admission: 20:30 Uhr / 8:30 pm
Beginn / start: 21:00 Uhr / 9:00 pm
Tickets: 8,50 €

From Noah’s Tape unspools the inevitable, intimate product of a journey across physical and emotional borders. Alternately tender, corrosive and raw, Noah’s Tape spans and spills from one musical auteur’s odyssey across continents, culture and meaning. After growing up in France, and fresh from a five-year stint in Asia, Jessica Chalisa Nay has returned to Europe and dropped her anchor in Berlin.

Pulsing from melancholic electro beats to grunge guitar riff, layered with Nay’s haunting vocals, the music spins stories squeezed from a sponge of caustic tendencies and emotional voyeurism. In keeping with a DIY and lo-fi approach, a live show by Noah’s Tape takes audiences on a musical journey triggered by programmed beats, with Nay effortlessly switching between instruments – electric guitar and synth, interspersed with surprising effects. Primarily a solo act, Nay chooses to sometimes share the stage with musician friends she has collaborated with.
Tracks like “Broken Beat” unleash a dissonant torrent portraying love as “inhumane,” while “Colony and Co” – written while the Thai capital lay under water during the 2012 floods – illustrates the dysfunctions of authority groupthink. In “Favorite Ride,” the neuroses of waking nightmares and mental feedback loops careen manically to life, while “Lonesome flu”, from the new self-produced second EP, portrays a sense of manic detachment caused by an inability to escape reproduced emotional patters, despite geographical shifts.

Noah’s Tape has earned critical regards and captured audiences at music festivals, concerts and clubs in and around Berlin and the international hub of Bangkok, Thailand. After winning a loyal following with its first show in June 2011, Noah’s Tape has played at various festivals and venues throughout Berlin and Bangkok and has opened for the Black Lips from Atlanta, Georgia.
Nay’s musical resume has rocked from hard and classic to electronic and pre-programmed. She counts the faint, Olivier Messiaen, Portishead, and Alice in chains among her own eclectic mix of inspirations, influences and obsessions.”

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ART Stalker – Kunst+Bar+Events – Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 67 – 10627 Berlin
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